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Waves - 3 (#AA_WVS_03)

AboutThis contemporary series, created by artist Adrian Bradbury, evolved out of watching waves crashing over rocks and harbour walls. Colour reflects the changing light as well as the emotive power of the waves and sea. Adrian's work is created through combining painting, drawing, digital photography and digital manipulation, bringing work into being through various steps and processes that combine both digital and traditional techniques. The work explores the relationship between the abstraction of forms through shape, line and textures.

"It is about re-presentation of the real through abstraction that allows for different interpretations to be made by the viewer. The root of the image may come from observation but equally it can also be a discourse between form, line and texture. The way in which the image is ordered, how all the elements are combined and arranged, clearly becomes the driving force. I work on themes, as a series of explorations constantly searching for that unknown that feels right somehow."