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Rental Prices for Office Art

Office Art Rental Prices

Our standard weekly rental prices are shown in the table below, varying by:

- how often you want to rotate new art - every 6, 12 or 24 months.

- artwork price categories - we have 5 price categories, depending on the type, size and value of artwork.

of artwork
Rotating new art every
6 months
12 months
24 months
Category ONE
(small / medium art,value up to £300)
per week
per week
per week
Category TWO
(medium / large art
value £300-£500)
per week
per week
per week
Category THREE
(medium / large / extra large art
value £500-£1000)
per week
per week
per week
Category FOUR
(large / extra large art
value £1000-£2000)
per week
per week
per week
Category FIVE
(extra large art
value £2000-£5000)
per week
per week
per week

Example art rental prices
  • to rent 5 framed prints (category ONE), with new pieces rotated every 12 months, the weekly rental price is £9.50 (i.e. 5 x £1.90)  or £41 per month.
  • to rent 20 pieces of office art - say 10 framed prints (category ONE) and 10 originals (category TWO) - with new pieces every 24 months, the weekly rental price is £35 (i.e. 10 x £1.50 + 10 x £2.00) or £152 per month.

Notes on rental prices
  • includes 10-day trial period (we will change the office art or refund your rental fees if you are not 100% satisfied)
  • includes installation of the art on your office walls using conventional picture hooks & pins
  • includes free delivery in central London. Outside of central London a delivery fee applies (this varies by location, typically £125 in Greater London (inside M25), and £155-£195 for Home Counties)
  • includes help in choosing suitable art for your office space and business type, with (optional) free use of our staff voting tool
  • insurance for the art is the client's responsibility (this is usually covered by clients existing business contents insurance; if not, we can help arrange insurance for you)
  • based on a minimum 12-month art rental agreement
  • based on a minimum order size of 5 pieces of artwork in London and 10 pieces outside of London
  • discounts available for large art orders renting more than 30 pieces of art
  • payments made quarterly in advance
  • all prices are subject to VAT (at the standard rate)

As an optional extra, office clients can purchase our innovative picture hanging system, at £65 per picture including fitting (or we will hang the artwork for free using conventional picture hooks & pins).