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Visual Journeys - Symphony of Light no.3 (#VISUAL_J_07)

About: Melanie Max’s semi-abstract original landscape paintings are inspired by the British coast and wetlands. “I think of my paintings as found landscapes and as visual journeys. They evolve on the canvas and the focus of the painting gradually comes into view. I make visual journeys in paint to find the landscapes where I feel most at home. I find the landscape I need after a journey into my minds eye, making sense of the marks and colours on the canvas along the way. Each new mark suggesting a new path to travel, sometimes bringing me to a crossroads where I sit and study the subtle shifts of light and colour on the horizon to decide which direction to take. It is a meditative escape and part of my creative process. I begin with a journey and my journey ends when I have found the landscape where I want to be."

Medium: Original oil painting on canvas

Size: 102cm by 41cm

Rental: Available to rent, under Rental Price Category THREE

Artist Info: Melanie Max works from her studio aboard her narrowboat with views across the washes in Cambridgeshire. Originally from Cornwall, her life’s path gradually took her to the flat lands of the Fens and closer to her favourite coastline, the Norfolk coast. Melanie has a fine art degree from Chelsea School of Art and after a career in web design she now completely focuses on painting. Melanie’s work features in private collections and has exhibited widely in the UK. She also participates in the annual Cambridge Open Studios.