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Vertical Hanger Guide for Wooden Frames

-These guides fix to the top of wooden picture frames to hold the top of the frame close to the vertical hanger (or perlon suspender), helping the frame to hang closer to the vertical hanger and reduce frame tilting (which can sometimes occur)

-An art hanging system is a popular and modern way to hang pictures in galleries, offices, showrooms and the home. These Vertical Hanger Guides have been developed to help ensure that pictures dont angle forward so much when using such systems.

-The Vertical Hanger Guide fixes singly or as a pair to the top of a wooden or polymer frame, aligned over the hanging point of the hook/s. The clear or steel vertical cables clip into the guide and are positioned by the indexing pips.

-The effect of the Vertical Hanger Guide is that the top of the frame is drawn very close to the hanger / cable, bringing it nearer to the vertical. Where a picture is corded and only one suspender is used, the guide has the valuable effect of making the whole thing more stable.

-Steel, silver zinc plated. 40mm long, 12mm wide, 1.2mm thick. 3.7mm hole for screw, Works best with a pan head screw (not supplied).

- Use with twin or single suspenders, perlon or cable up to approximately 2mm diameter.

TIP: Verticla Hanger Guides do not fit aluminium frames. To achieve a similar result, fit Picture Frame Hook 3 - For Aluminium Frames for the hooks on the perlon, in the normal way. Then fit two more Picture Frame Hook 3, one each side close to the top of the aluminium frame.