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Urban Elements - Exploration III (#URBE_03)

About:  A contemporary collection of abstract mixed media original paintings by Cambridge based artist Terry Beard.  All pieces in this collection were made in response to urban influences, architecture and elements within the urban environment such as graffiti, reflections in windows and architectural details.

Medium: Original mixed media painting on canvas (2cm depth)

Size: 76cm by 76cm

Rental: Available to rent, under Rental Price Category THREE

Artist InfoTerry lived abroad during her childhood, in Canada, Ireland and Uganda, and these experiences have had a subliminal impact on her work and use of colour. Terry studied textile design and worked for many years as a freelance textile designer and illustrator. She now works from a new studio in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Terry has developed a screen print monotype technique which she uses to build up transparent layers of colour and texture. Newsprint paper is often used, sometimes as a temporary stencil, and at other times printed on directly and collaged onto the canvas. Other materials used include acrylics and household paints.

My work is informed and inspired by elements within the natural and built environment, particularly the landscape which surrounds my studio in the Fens. This is a varied landscape, with areas of flat farmland, punctuated with woodland and connected by ditches and drains. I live close to an area of preserved fenland which offers endless possibilities for visual interpretation. My work explores ways of conveying a sense of depth and form using abstract marks and gestures such as blocks of colour and lines, and intuitive decisions are made during the making process. Although the environment is the root of all my work, the interpretation is personal to each observer.