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Mind and Body - Fragile strength (#PW_13)

About: "Mind and Body" is a contemporary collection of original paintings by artist Pam Winbolt.  
These works explore the strength and fragility of the human body, considering physical and mental boundaries and the way in which we are confined or restrained by these contexts. Taking a look 'inside' is a fascinating and beautiful journey. The mind is an instrument of such complexity, so that with so little knowledge I can only pretend to tinkle a tune, Even so, it is quite clear that by using the mind with discipline and energy we can overcome so much. Ageing of the body is a fascinating process which begins from the day we are born. It's an adventure and privilege to travel through to old age. The lines, wrinkles and wisdom which age brings to the face should be celebrated as sadly not everyone gets the opportunity to experience it.

Medium: Original oil on canvas painting

Size: 90cm by 90cm

Rental: Available to rent, under Rental Price Category FIVE

Artist Info: Pam's career in the Visual Arts followed a professional career as a Ballet Dancer, after which she studied for a Fine Art Degree at the Norwich School of Art.
"My work is inspired by the connections between the mind, body, pain, healing, and ageing as well as our emotional attachment to water. Each series of work has evolved from a journey to see how mind and body work in union, strength comes from fragility showing hope and a positive attitude. Concentration of the mind can conquer some of the pain in the body and the activity of the body might heal the torment of the mind, using the mind with discipline and energy can overcome so much. Travelling through the physical and mental boundaries is a wonderful experience."

Pam has exhibited her artwork extensively throughout England, as well as in France, Germany and America. She has also worked on many community projects and has received several awards during her visual arts career.