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Textured - Untitled (#HOWARD_J_1011)

About: A stylish range of original paintings by artist Jason Howard using multiple textured layers and patterns. They are created using a unique method of mixing crushed oyster shells, glues, mica and paints to add a real depth to the paintings.

Medium: Mixed media original canvas painting

Size: 90cm (W) by 90cm (H)

Artist Info: Jason was born in the East End of London's Brick Lane in the early 70's. It is from here that he gets his inspiration for his architectural and highly sculpted pieces. Most of the artworks are multi dimensional. One can view them as an aerial piece and make out fields, buildings and land; or from the front and see what has replaced our once open spaces. Qualified with an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, his work is sold to private collections and commercial clients, including Granada TV and Microsoft.