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Stabilisation Set (30kg)

Stabilisation Set (30kg) for Heavy Pictures & Whiteboards

This Stabilisation Set helps you to hang heavy paintings or whiteboards using our Picture Hanging Rail Systems. It keeps them steady and helps prevent side movement – particularly helpful for hanging large white/wipe boards to prevent the board moving whilst you write on it.

The Stabilisation Set can support a picture or whiteboard up to 30kg in weight.

The Stabilisation Set comprises the following parts:
-2 x self locking holders (fixed to the bottom of the board, see diagram)
-2 x non-self locking holders (fixed to the bottom of the board, see diagram)
-12 x Small screws to fix the holders to the board (each screw requires a depth of about 11mm for a firm fix)
-4 x Self Adhesive Bumpers
Fitting Instructions:
i) Screw the 2 x self locking holders to the bottom of the board/picture, with the triangle facing down (see diagram)
ii) Screw the 2 x non-self locking holders directly above these at the top of the board/picture (just below the top of the frame, with the triangle facing down, see diagram)
iii) Attach the 4 x Self Adhesive Bumpers to the back of the painting / whiteboard, 1 in each corner (this helps keep it flat against the wall and prevents marks on the wall)
iii) Establish the height at which you want to hang the picture /whiteboard.
iv) Put the steel cable (always use steel cable) through the opening on the holder at the top and then through the self-locking holder at the bottom (only thread through sufficient cable based on your required hanging height, as it difficult to reverse this through the self-locking mechanism). Repeat for the other side. You may need an extra pair of hands to complete this (one person holds the board, whilst the other threads the cable through the holders).

The Stabilisation Set can be used with steel cables up to 1.8mm diameter, including our Steel Vertical Hangers (used with our picture hanging rail systems)