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MICRO Clear Vertical Hanger (1mm diameter) with Twister End (150cm long, max. 5kg)

-Extra Thin clear vertical hanger with "twister" end designed to work with  our MINI, PRO, GALLERY, TOP and STRIP hanging systems.

-Thin, translucent perlon, 1mm diameter, taking up to 5kgs.

-To be used with the MICRO Gripper Hook for 1mm Cable (max. 5 kg)

-Easy to use. Simply insert from below (anywhere along the rail), push up, twist and pull down to engage and lock. Can easily slide sideways along the rail.

-Tip: Use two vertical hangers per piece of art (for better stability and levelling accuracy)

-Length 150cm long. Tip: If the hanger can be seen below the picture you are hanging, you can roll up any unused length and hide it behind the back of the picture (using some tape)