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Magical Woodlands - Long Way Round (#MWOOD_03)

About: A series of original oil paintings created by Norfolk based artist, Bryony Knight inspired by the magical woodlands lining the North Norfolk coast. Her works are memories, experiences and dreams of the woodlands she explores daily.
"My paintings are accumulations of memories, sketches, photographs and dreams which aim to make the Norfolk landscape have a magical quality, whilst also being grounded to observing the natural environment. Woodlands surround my home, where I walk on a daily basis, so I am fortunate to experience the ever changing landscape throughout the year. My paintings often have a dreamlike quality, as I use my dreams and hazy memories to act as a foundation for the painting, I then add information to allow the viewer to connect to the place. I work in Oils, whilst combining this with spray paint, oil bars and sometimes even glitter."

Medium: Original oil painting on canvas

Size: 66cm (26") by 81cm (32"). Canvas depth 2cm.

Rental: Available to rent, under Rental Price Category THREE

Artist Info: Bryony Knight is a full time professional Artist, based in North Norfolk where she specialises in Oil Painting and also experiments with Spray Paint, Oil Pastels & Bars in her work. She has always loved to paint, and became the UK’s only Oil Painting Apprentice by Martin Kinnear in 2016, during which she was fully submerged into traditional Oil painting techniques and studio craft for over 5 years. She then went on to become Studio Manager at the UK’s leading Oil Painting School, The Norfolk Painting School.​

Bryony has had the pleasure of working alongside other Artists on a daily basis, which has allowed her to work at Salon des Beaux Arts at the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, and during an Artist Residency with Martin Kinnear at The Bowes Museum. She also regularly exhibits her work in group and solo shows in Norfolk.