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Liminality - Untitled 07 (#LIMINAL_07)

About: These original paintings are his interpretation of the concept of liminal space as put forwards by the theorist Homi Bhabha. Within this theory he stated that when two dominant cultures collide there will always be a grey area or liminal space that exists in between, and it was his belief that it is within these areas that the greatest growth of cultural hybridity took place. These paintings not only depict the strong dominant separate spheres of influence but also contain spaces of ambiguity in which cultural hybridity is so prevalent.

Medium: Acrylic & Oil original painting on canvas 

Size: 150cm (W) by 100cm (H)

Artist Info: Nikhil is a UK born artist who comes from a culturally diverse background and this is something that is reflected within his practice. Although Indian through heritage his mother was born in South Africa while his father was born in Kenya. This blend of cultures is something that he has explored through his practice. He was immersed into the world of art from a young age as he grew up alongside his grandfather who was himself an artist. Nikhil shone at the top of his class during his Bachelor of Fine Art Degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design and the University of Arts London, before going on to attain his masters in Painting from Wimbledon College of Arts the following year.
Exhibitions include: "A Sharp Intake of Breath - Lewisham Art House"; "Affordable Art Fair - Hong Kong"; "Hybridity Solo Show with Geneyclee Gallery - Hong Kong"