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Lighthouses of the World - Tower of Hercules, Spain (#AA_LHW_03)

About: Lighthouses are often located in spectacular coastal settings, performing a crucial role in the safety of mariners at sea or on inland waterways. As they were designed to be visible in all weathers, Lighthouses make for very distinctive landmarks, with their shapes and colors standing out against the surrounding landscapes. As a result, they offer unique photo opportunities set against the backdrop of rugged coastlines, wild seas or at the entrance beautiful bays and natural harbors.

Our photographic collection captures some of the most famous and spectacular lighthouses of the world, including the following: “Les Eclaireurs” romantically referred to as the ‘Lighthouse at the End of the World’ is located in a breathtaking spot in Tierra del Fuego, right at the southern tip of Argentina; the “Tower of Hercules” has imperiously watched out over Spain’s North Atlantic coastline ever since the second century AD; “Chania” is a beautiful lighthouse located at the entrance to Chania in Crete’s historic harbor, with it’s unique architectural design, this magnificent lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, being first built by the Venetians towards the end of the 16th century; and “Portland Head Light” set on a craggy clifftop in Cape Elizabeth and reaching almost 25 meters in height, its white conical tower looks out over the wild and windy waters of the Atlantic.