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Floating - Untitled (#AA_FLOATING_1012)

About:  A striking collection of digital abstract art designs, by artist Christine Wilkinson. Floating began as a series of photographs of car headlights taken from the top of a No 4 bus one rainy night in North London. "Taking off my wet, steamy glasses I was transported into this fabulous myopic world of swirling colours and light.....this was the most fun I'd had all day and I wanted to share the experience. I wanted to evoke the sensation rather than pin down an image. I tried deliberately losing digital information - reducing pixels, losing colour information. At what point would the viewer start to sense an image rather than observe or name it? At what point do you lose the need to know what it is?"

Unique Image Code: AA_FLOATING_1012

Artist Info: Following a career as a camerawoman which spanned shooting music videos for MTV to documentary filming in Burma, Christine has developed a unique photographic style evocative of 60s psychedelia with a contemporary edge. She trained at London College of Printing (Foundation in Graphic Design); North East London Polytechnic (BA Hons Communication Design) and Middlesex University (Postgraduate Diploma in Film and Television). Her work has been exhibited in the UK, USA and China and is also in collections in Belgium, the Netherlands and Indonesia.
Christine Wilkinson comments "The best way to describe my process is that I start with an image of light on which I make marks. Each of these marks enables me to control shape, tone, contrast and luminosity, almost like a form of drawing, creating exciting possibilities. I become completely absorbed in this exploration. One thing leads to another, and during the process I reach a point where I encounter something unexpected that gives me the feeling I was searching for from the start. I know then that the image is complete."