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Exuberant - THE TIMES (#EXUB_08)

About: A vibrant range of abstract mixed media original paintings by Cambridge based artist Kate Green. “Colour is wonderful! It has the ability to make us happy and do us good. My art is full of colour, life and joy - designed to put a smile on your face! I create bright and bold abstract paintings - art with impact. I love to combine splashing gestures with patterned precision, making vibrant and funky artwork that is full of life and singing with colour

Medium: Original mixed media painting on canvas

Size: 50cm by 50cm

Rental: Available to rent, under Rental Price Category THREE

Artist Info: Kate Green is a contemporary artist who works from her home studio in Cambridge.
"I’m an abstract mixed media artist who really loves a bit of colour! I also love to encourage and inspire creativity in others by sharing my creative process from my garden home studio, and through teaching abstract art classes. I create bright and bold paintings - art with impact. I enjoy combining splashing gestures with patterned precision, making vibrant and funky artwork that is full of life and singing with colour. The way that colours relate to each other fascinates me and the impact that these combinations can bring, is a passion of mine.

I describe myself as a song painter. Visceral, visual utterances of shape, hue and mark are my vocabulary, choreography and melody - art from mind, body, heart and soul. I use refined pattern, free gestural expressionism and repeated layering to represent and communicate things unseen, telling colour stories, sharing emotion and making the invisible visible.
I'm excited by the extravagant dimensions and intimate details that I see in creation - a joyfulness in the very act of creating that I aim to reflect in my own work. From intricate microscopic cells and atoms, to the sweeping expanse of space, sky and crashing waves of the sea. Like Elsworth Kelly I love to explore shapes and compositions from the world around me and abstract them towards stylised pattern and marks. Other artist influences include Albert Irvin, Yayoi Kusama, Frank Stella, and Roy Lichtenstein.
I love to encourage creativity in others. It adds dimension, depth and richness to life, aiding expression, taking us beyond the seen and ordinary."