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Electric London - Jazz Night at Club100 (#EL_05)

About: Electric scenes of London landmarks, created by urban artist François-Xavier Touzard. These handmade original paintings are created using spray can on canvas with hand-cut stencils. "Each piece took me over 50 hours of extreme precision cutting of the stencil layers with a scalpel. There were many different layers into creating this artwork".

Medium: Original paintings, using spray can on canvas.

Size: 90cm (W) by 90cm (H)

Artist Info: MAAD FX or otherwise known as François-Xavier Touzard has been drawing and playing with colour since childhood. From the age of 10 he has experimented with art forms and won several awards, including a prize for the best comic art at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. He has continued exploring and progressing in art movements such as realism, pop art and expressionism art and is now a professional urban artist. He has also exhibited his work internationally and performed live painting shows of abstract expressionism. With his studio based in Hackey Wick, an area which boasts the best of urban art, MAAD FX escapes the monotony of responsibility and journeys into a world with colour, shape and total freedom. ​
Born in Korea, grew up in France and currently living in London, MAAD FX’s multi-cultural background combined with his love for music, dance and marital arts makes him a unique artist. He believes all art forms are connected and pure emotion is his engine to create distinctive compositions. He has been influenced by the works of Leon Zack, Pollock, De Kooning and admires street art by various artists including friends Morgan Davy and Jim Vision. ​ His style is full of funk, movement and fuses the different influences and technical skills he has acquired over the years to compose exceptional art.