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The Nebula Series - by new partner artist Mirko Junkovic


The Nebula Series - a contemporary collection of original paintings inspired by astronomical photography by Mirko Junkovic.


Recent post-pandemic reappraisal of our fragile planet and our self-imposed perilous occupancy has invariably made us even more aware of the earth’s fragility within the incomprehensible vastness of the universe. Using recent advances in astronomical photographic research, Mirko has been inspired to make a new body of work in response to these extraordinary images that further scientific understanding of the nature of the cosmos. Through the astronomer’s telescopic filtered lens, we see, with enhanced technicolour, cosmic-dust cloud activity, making up distant luminescent nebulae. With the fluid use of acrylics, Mirko makes paintings that capitalise on the unpredictable and the unexpected properties of paint in response to such images. Although colour, texture and opacity are suggested by astronomical photography, they are used to provide Mirko with a springboard for his own creative journey, reliant on his intuition and subjective decision making.

The Nebula Series - painting for offices to rent  The Nebula Series - original painting for office art rental

Artist Info

Mirko Junkovic is a contemporary artist based in Cambridge. His abstractions are inspired by and are a response to different features of the extraordinary natural world, from both macro and micro viewpoints. Landscape, coastline, gardens, rocks, plants, the cosmos, the human body - all have, at different times, provided a wealth of visual information contributing to Mirko’s various projects.

His approach to painting is through intuition and exploration. Each new piece is an opportunity to embark on a journey into uncharted territory, exploiting the innate properties and characteristics of paint and mixed-media, producing the space for invention and discovery at every stage.

To view the full The Nebula Series of original abstract paintings by Mirko Junkovic available for offices to rent, please click here.