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Partner Artist Christine Wilkinson exhibiting at Stour Space show "Processes"

Stour Space gallery will be exhibiting Processes, a multidisciplinary exhibition that considers the act of playful mark-making and creative experiments at its core.

Processes exhibits works by noted artists Demi Overton, Samuel Stokes, Damien Borowik, Christine Wilkinson and Christabel Balfour that explore the notion of creative practice through varying mediums in a range of scales. By shining a light on the aesthetics of process-driven artworks, Processes dismantles the notion that all art needs to represent one polished concept or narrative to be considered successful. Instead, Processes celebrates playful elements of the artistic process and the evocative nature of visual experiments and creative hurdles.

GingerWhite partner artist Christine Wilkinson distorts photographic negatives to the point of no recognition. Christine extracts abstract elements of each negative and saturates them with colour to create a final image that is built up of layers of shapes and colours. Each piece is created through an organic process of trial and error to create the most striking visual image that becomes the final piece.