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A sign of the times: Art Rental & Co-working Spaces

We love it when a plan comes together!

We completed this stunning project for Karen Tait, owner of The Residence, Co-working in Bishops Stortford, and we’re thrilled to share the experience and images of working in the on-trend workspace.

Having worked with Karen on previous projects, GingerWhite were asked to help put the finishing touches to her latest co-working office space and help manage the acoustics for better sound.


Working in harmony with the environment.

The Residence is state of the art, purpose-built, flexible workspace. It opened its doors in August, just as lockdown restrictions lifted and welcomed its members back to a new way of flexible working.

The new building has been created around an old barn with an open-plan design, floor to ceiling windows and a range of workplace options from quite cosy corners to formal desk seating, private offices, meeting spaces and communal areas.

Situated in stunning countryside, the windows naturally create picturesque works of art, but they wanted some modern artwork to complete the overall look.

The Residence Co-Work Office Space
The Residence, Co-working in Bishops Stortford



The Artwork Brief

Our brief was quite specific, the artwork selected needed to

  1. Reflect the brand palette.
  2. Hint at the suggestion of nature without being overtly obvious.
  3. Bring the outdoors inside in a subtle way.
  4. Several pieces would be situated in echo areas, so acoustic panels would also be needed.
  5. Large enough to be seen from a distance and not get lost in an open plan area.
  6. A mix of 3D textured and glass framed pieces.
  7. Each piece must complement the space, harmonising with the calm, welcome and community-led ethos.
  8. Be within budget.


Acoustic Art Panels.

We were also asked to supply Acoustic Art Panels to absorb the sound in the open plan areas and the meeting rooms.

The Residence wanted to ensure excellent acoustic performance throughout the space, reducing feedback, mitigating background noise and reducing the reverberation and echo in the space.

We provided a selection of our acoustic wall panels cleverly disguised as contemporary art, including The Residence brand colours and logo printed onto selected panels.


The Residence Entrance  Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels Acoustic Printed Panel Logo
Acoustic Wall Panels


Interior design partnership. 

Working in partnership with Karen and Helen Tigue, the interior designer, we collated a selection of abstract, large scale pieces which met the brief.

Using our GingerWhite software, Karen and Helen could virtually view everything in the collection, giving them a wide choice of sizes, colours, and format options.

Once they had narrowed their search down using the filter tools along with our guidance, I visited the site with their shortlisted chosen pieces so we could see them in situ and decide if they worked or not.

The result is both stunning and uplifting.

Artwork at The Residence
Artwork credit by K Sostarko and J Odd
Office art
Artwork credit by J Schafer
Office art rental
Artwork credit by S Page



Chris was excellent at helping us to think about size, space, style and artists. I’d never chosen artwork for such big premises before, so his expertise was invaluable. The art we have chosen really finished the space off just as I had hoped. We’re always getting comments about the pieces we have chosen and how they make our residents feel, whether it’s calm, uplifted or just happy!

Plus, the bonus is that because we have only rented the art, we can change it up again next year to create a fresh look and feel for the spaces as our business and brand evolve.”

Karen Tait. Owner of The Residence, Bishops Stortford.


“The introduction of artwork pieces from Gingerwhite has made a huge difference in the space at The Residence by continuing to grow the interior brand, adding personality, colour and conversation. 

Chris helped us hone our brief, making sure we chose pieces that fit our budget. He advised on which size artworks to consider or pair, providing guidance on exploring his electronic database,  which created a ‘wish list’ to share with the client.

I selected pieces I felt were abstract that reflected the inside/outside connection we had created for the interior design and hinted at or complimented the brand colour. Chris was very accommodating by bringing options to the site to hold in place.

I think the space would have felt quite naked and unfinished without the artwork pieces, and the added bonus of being able to rotate the artwork keeps it fresh and interesting. The benefit of working with GingerWhite is that my client can rent the artwork, which is cost-effective and allows payments to be spread overtime.”

Helen Tigue, Helen Tigue Interior Design


“It’s been a really enjoyable project working with Karen and Helen on the brand new Residence co-working space in Bishops Stortford. Karen really cares about providing a modern, friendly and high-end co-work space for her customers, and appointing Helen to coordinate the overall design has resulted in a stunning interior space. Working within Helen’s design direction, GingerWhite supplied and installed a variety of carefully selected rented artwork pieces and some acoustic wall panels to help improve the acoustics of the meeting rooms.”

Chris White, Director, GingerWhite