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Red & Blue - No 4 (#REDBLUE_04)

About: The dominant feature in Richards abstract work is light in the urban environment and how it is dispersed, dramatically casting shadows across different surfaces, creating contrasting tones and textures. His artwork immerses the viewer in a conceptual yet soulful representation of the human condition. The work is produced using a variety of materials, from spray paint to charcoal, on either wooden panels, canvas or paper. Ranging from very minimal, subtle pieces to bold angular shapes, of tern blended with aggressive undertones.

Medium: Oil & Spray Paint on Deep Edge Wooden Panel

Size: 61cm (W) by 76cm (H)

Artist Info: Richard Shipley is an post minimalist Painter who was first introduced to art in 1987 aged 13, after he was introduced the now infamous book Spray Can Art. He began painting under the pseudonym CageOne. Recently, concentrating purely on his studio work. Richard began working on the underlying theme and inspiration for the work. Silence and the multitude of emotions/feelings it can achieve. The work is produced using a variety of materials from spray paint to charcoal often painted on heavily textured paper. Richard work is inspired by such pioneers as Umberto Boccioni and L.S. Lowry, manifesting both depth of movement and emotive expression.